Our Profile

UFO Moviez India Ltd. is India’s largest digital cinema distribution network and in-cinema advertising platform. UFO operates India’s largest satellite-based, digital cinema distribution network using its UFO-M4 platform, as well as India’s largest D-Cinema network.
Theatrical Business
UFO’s digitization and delivery model has been a key driver of extensive digitization of Indian cinemas and has enabled wide-spread, same day release of movies across India. As on September 30, 2018, our global network, along with subsidiaries and associates, spans 5,980 screens worldwide, including 5,302 screens across India and 678 screens across the Middle East, Mexico and the USA.
We add value to all stakeholders in the movie value chain, spanning movie producers, distributors, exhibitors and the cinema-going audience. We provide value to movie producers and distributors by reducing distribution costs, providing reach to a wide network, providing a faster method of delivery of content and reducing piracy through encryption and other security measures. We provide value to movie exhibitors throughout India by providing access to first day release of movies on our digital platform. Audience benefits from faster access to new movie releases and a consistent high quality viewing experience. Over the years, we have released over 14,500 films in 22 languages on our UFO M4-Platform & DCI Network and have conducted over 30 million shows.
Advertising Business
UFO has created a pan India, high impact in-cinema advertising platform with generally long-term advertising rights to 3,800 screens, with an aggregate seating capacity of approximately 1.67 million viewers and a reach of 1,323 cities and towns across India, as on September 30, 2018. Our in-cinema advertising platform enables advertisers to reach a targeted, captive audience with high flexibility and control over the advertising process. Our in-cinema advertising platform also allows small exhibitors who otherwise are not able to effectively monetise their advertising inventory due to their limited scale and reach to receive a greater share of advertisement revenue than they are able to using traditional advertising methods.
Other Synergetic Business Initiatives
Caravan Talkies
Caravan Talkies is our synergetic business initiative that leverages on our strengths to access movie content, impressive advertiser client base and digital distribution capabilities. It is an open movie viewing experience for India’s rural population situated in media dark areas. A sundown non-ticketed show (complimentary) is played at villages typically at a weekly marketplace. Each caravan visits seven villages a week in a close circuit. We are currently expanding our fleet of caravans to cover 300 beset routes across India. This business offers advertisers a unique opportunity to market and reach audiences on a captive platform.
NOVA Cinemaz
NOVA Cinemaz is an asset-light franchisee model launched recently by UFO Moviez under its subsidiary Valuable Digital Screens Private Limited (VDSPL). NOVA Cinemaz creates a one stop solution for the local populace to set-up movie theatres in their respective areas through a standardized model both in terms of infrastructure and experience. As per the arrangement, the franchisee shall own the theatre and make the necessary investments for setting up the theatre and shall be responsible for day- to- day operations of the same, while NOVA shall be responsible for putting up of the theatre at a competitive cost, providing complete branding support and taking care of programming of films at the theatre. NOVA shall also take care of deployment of the theatrical technologies i.e. digital cinema & online ticketing. Through this initiative, NOVA will offer an infrastructural boost to the Indian film industry, an exciting opportunity to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to get into movie-exhibition services and a better cinematic experience for the local cine-goers.
Club Cinema
Club Cinema provides movie screenings of recently released films in clubs and community centers at private screens, such as remote industrial townships, corporate auditoriums, educational institutions and other leisure and entertainment complexes.
Under an exclusive arrangement with Impact Media Exchange Limited, we are marketing an electronic ticketing platform known as the Integrated Media Pact, or “IMPACT”, to improve transparency, efficiency and accountability in movie screening industry. The transactions on IMPACT are captured on a real time basis as it is connected via satellite to a centralized Network Operation Centre. IMPACT mediates the transactions between exhibitors on one hand and distributors on the other, ensuring that ticketing transactions and movie screenings are transparent. IMPACT has been designed to ultimately act as a settlement exchange for various stakeholders of the movie screening industry.
Alternate Content on UFO
UFO has also brought cricket matches LIVE to cinema screens in high definition, thus providing an option of alternate content to exhibitors for the first time in India.